Thursday, 26 September 2013

Constructing a Career ...


Does one choose a career? Is this a once-in-a-lifetime decision? 


In today’s ever changing job market, new opportunities and challenges are making it clearer that, rather than choosing a career, one builds it block by block.  Some blocks fit in nicely, while others have to be put aside.

 Choosing the right block depends on many factors, such as what we like doing most, our skills and abilities, our influences, our immediate circumstances, as well as other external factors such as available jobs, training opportunities and different forms of support.  Some decisions are found to be good for us and we keep on building on them, while others may need to be re-examined in the light of new information -  about situations and even about ourselves.  Some blocks may need to be put aside, while others may need re-shaping.


This booklet is intended to help you choose and shape the right blocks for yourself.


      Maltese Ver.
English Ver.

Monday, 16 September 2013

The Armed Forces of Malta

The Armed Forces of Malta (AFM) is Malta's military organisation tasked with primary defence functions and safeguarding national sovereignty and interests, both in peacetime and in crises. 

Malta's military instrument, in the form of the operational capabilities delivered by the AFM, is a major component of the Maltese Island's national defence and security architecture.   


The Armed Forces of Malta offers a plethora of career paths for young men and women with the drive to live an adventurous lifestyle. The professional training offered takes you a step further to get to know your limits both physically and mentally whilst gearing you up to confront the toughest of challenges.

Being an active member of the Armed Forces not only immerses you in a military way of life but gives you the possibility to undergo specialised training. Becoming a Ships Captain, Air Pilot, IT Specialist, Underwater Diver, Bomb disposal expert and a multitude of other highly specialised careers is just one step away. The Armed Forces of Malta is always on the lookout for personnel that not only fulfil the minimum requirements but have a strong character and the determination to achieve. To continue functioning like every other modern armed force, the Armed Forces of Malta regularly requires personnel with technical expertise such as marine engineers, aircraft technicians and qualified communications and information systems specialists.

Today, a Maltese soldier must be prepared to serve both locally and overseas as part of multinational deployments. Becoming an operative element within the Armed Forces moulds a special bond of camaraderie with fellow soldiers and widens your knowledge in various fields. A military career is indeed demanding but our men and women serve the Nation’s interest with their head held up high knowing that being an Armed Forces of Malta member is not just a job but a way of life.


1 Regiment consists of a Regimental Headquarters, Headquarters Company, 'A' Company, 'B' Company, 'C' (Special Duties) Company, and the Air Defence and Fire Support Company.


3 Regiment consists of a Regimental Headquarters, Headquarters Squadron, the Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Squadron, the Combat Engineer Squadron, and the Ammunition and Explosives, Storage & Disposal Squadron.



4 Regiment consists of Regimental Headquarters, Headquarters Company, the Military Band, Revenue Security Corps, Communications and Information System, Training School and Catering Company.



The Air Wing comprises of Headquarters Squadron, Operations Squadron and Support Squadron.



The Maritime Squadron comprises of Squadron Headquarters, Headquarters Command, Offshore Command, Inshore Command, 'G' Command and Support Command.



The Force is intended to provide a back-up for regular AFM soldiers when the need arises. The EVRF is open to men and women aged between 18 and 35 who would like to experience a soldier's life on a part-time basis.



Contrary to common perception you do not have to be a sculpted bodybuilder nor a Harvard scholar. You just have to believe in your potential and you will face physically gruelling challenges whilst being able to keep your concentration and remember the essential theory even in dire situations.

Imagine being part of a group of soldiers and their Officers who are just finishing a days' work- a call is received and everyone is informed that a critical situation is on. You are ordered to 'Stand-To' and to get kitted and be ready to act at short notice. Competent authorities assess the situation and command is given to engage in a professional manner even if the odds are not always clear...

What kicks in? A Commissioned Officer, an Enlisted Soldier or a Reservist's competence rests on three fundamental pillars: Physical Training, Skill at Arms and Drill. Basic Training will ensure that any soldier will master these crucial skill sets so higher goals may be attained.
Physical Training - Physical Training is important for everyone and for every age group. Sport makes you physically able to cope with day-to-day demands and also enhances your team play. Being part of a team is what life in the military is about. Are you active? Do you consider yourself a team player?

Basic Requirements: The first step in the recruitment process is a Physical Efficiency Test. You would be required to do a set amount of Push-Ups, Sit-Ups and a 2 mile run as stipulated in the Malta Government Gazette call for enlistment. An Ordinary Level of education is required - make sure that you get the highest scores possible in your exams to get a head-start.

Drill - Similar to other military organizations the AFM holds drill in high esteem. Drill enhances discipline - the backbone of any reckonable Force. You can answerable favourably to your recruiter and say you love discipline - it sounds good. But what do you really understand by it? Take a few seconds and think about it then proceed to read...


Do you have what it takes?